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Military Vehicle & Camouflage Paint

At Arcritepaints, we offer a fantastic range of milatary vehicle and camouflage paints ideal for painting tanks, Landrovers, military items and historical artifacts. This category is one of our most popular, and for that reason we spent a long time creating it.

Being able to offer the colours you want in 3 different finishes - Matt, Satin and Gloss means you can get the lexact ook you want.

We have received nothing but positive feedback from users of our military paint. Anti rust and high build, the quality is apparent as soon as you begin using it.

We have sold our paints to military restorers for use on helmets, ammo boxes, gas mask cases etc - projects where an authentic but protective paint is required.

Our one-coat products reduce the waiting time before your project is complete - or if you want a very hard finish, our enamel gives just that and is dust free within 30 minutes.

A very popular choice in this area is to use our Matt or Satin lacquers - take a look in our automotive section at the aerosols. The matt lacquer is very popular as it offers scratch resistance, UV and petrol resistance, without giving your work a gloss level which is so important for precise restoration.